5 High Places for the Church Today

Kevin DeYoung just finished up a series on high places in the church today. In the Old Testament the high places represented blind spots for the kings of Israel and Judah. DeYoung writes:

Several times in Kings and Chronicles we are told that so-and-so did what was right, except…except for the high places. This little bit of pagan influence, this little capitulation to the culture was too ingrained in their thinking to be seen. Or if it was seen, it seemed too normal to think of doing anything about it.

DeYoung highlights five areas that may be high places for the church today.

  1. The lack of psalm singing in our churches
  2. Worldliness in entertainment
  3. The idolatry of youth
  4. Our lack of church discipline
  5. Prayerlessness

What do you think? Do these represent blind spots for the modern church? What other areas might be high places for the church today?

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  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    This was excellent. I never would have thought of some of these (Psalm singing/idolatry of youth), but it has made me think. I know I have been guilty of idolatry of youth and have repented of it. I made my children too much my own identity as a young mother. The Psalm singing is just plain intriguing. I love the Psalms. Singing them would be great! I wonder why we don’t?

    I would add, as a subset to idolatry of youth, sports. Our culture insists that we be all-out competitive in sports, and that often means Sunday mornings or out of town games that take the whole weekend. If a student misses, they are penalized. Too many Christians fall into the trap of thinking they “have” to miss church and thus giving their children the message that sports comes first, and we fit the rest of life in around it. Thanks for the great link to some thought-provoking messages, Ray!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Sharon – I agree on the sports. Our town is a big sports town, and sports often compete with Sunday morning worship. It makes it difficult for families that want to be faithful in church attendance, and yet also want to be involved in the community and in the lives of other families.

  3. Don Johnston says:

    Dear Bro. Ray,
    Wow, what a find! Your posting of the “5 High Places of the Church Today” was one of the most insightful links I’ve read in a long time. Kevin DeYoung faces the blind spots in Evangelicalism with humility and honesty, and it is past time we all took a critical look at what we are doing in the Mirror of God’s Word, not measuring ourselves by ourselves or the culture. Thank you for bringing that post to our attention!

    Don Johnston

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