Moore on Narnia Order

Russell Moore has a good discussion going on concerning which is the best order in which to read the Narnia Chronicles.

Some fellow Lewisphiles insist the series begins with The Magician’s Nephew. I disagree, emphatically. The Magician’s Nephew is what would be called in today’s film lingo a “prequel,” rather than a beginning. The narrative takes place chronologically before the other stories. But it makes sense only when read after them. That’s because it ties together loose ends and throws further light on the origins behind some of the characters and plotlines readers have already grown to know.

I completely agree with Moore. The books are best read in publication order rather than chronologically. What do you think? I started a poll on this topic last year which is still open for voting if you want to state your preference. Here is the link: Narnia Poll: Read the books in which order? (Chronological is currently winning 84-43.)

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  1. What a great way he put that… a prequel!

    I definitely believe they should be read in the order they were published.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Brenda – Yes, I like the prequel analogy. I still think the right way to view Star Wars is release order rather than chronological order, too.

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