Hudson River Landing Simulation

Here is a neat simulation from the BBC of last week’s US Airways crash landing on the Hudson River in New York (Airbus A320; Flight 1549). This simulation gives you the pilot’s view from the cockpit. (Update: I have added a second video below along with the actual audio from the flight.)

(Video length: 2:25)

UK Company Just Flight Recreates ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Landing For BBC And ITN Reports (Monday 19th January)

Millions of viewers around the globe watched incredible scenes unfold as Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger performed a miraculous emergency landing. Reports of this astonishing event were augmented by graphical footage provided by British flight simulator company, Just Flight.

Just Flight’s experts sprang into action to recreate the spectacular A320 landing manoeuvre for both BBC’s 6 O’clock and News at Ten bulletins last Friday – and then ITN’s 11pm news programme. They assisted with reports on the crash by providing a simulation reconstruction after a call came in from the BBC early Friday morning. BBC reporters then visited Just Flight’s offices to write their stories and the footage was constructed in time for lunch.

Using their software, Just Flight was able to simulate the incident in astonishing detail, including the full-engine failure and resulting fires at 3,000 feet, the dramatic turn at the George Washington Bridge at 1,000 feet when both engines had cutout and the final ditching opposite the 48th Street Pier on the Hudson River. This event recreation highlighted for viewers the heroic skills of Captain Sullenberger.

And here is another view along with the actual flight audio:
(Video length: 2:07)

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