News and Notes – 12/5/2008


An Exercise in Honesty. When is a Richard Simmons videotape worth $1,000? When you find $1,000 stuffed inside the box. When is an 11-year-old girl a great example of honesty? When she returns the money to the Salvation Army so they can help more people in need.

Ring for the Ringer. A volunteer ringing the bell at a Salvation Army kettle in south-central Pennsylvania got an unusual donation: a diamond ring. The ring was handed to August Memmi, who volunteered for the Salvation Army in Harrisburg during his lunch hour Tuesday. The young man told Memmi that he’d bought the ring for his mother using money he’d earned mowing lawns, but she died this year and he wanted to put it to good use.

Keep Your Money in Your Shoe. It was her first day as an employee at the Goodwill store in Glen Carbon, IL. Teodora Petrova, a recent immigrant from Bulgaria, discovered a shoebox stuffed with $7,500 in cash mistakenly donated with old shoes. She promptly turned the money over to management who were able to locate the donor. Goodwill gave Petrova a $500 reward for her honesty. She also got two checks — one for $100 and another for $75 — from private donors.

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