President Bush Receives PEACE Award

Pastor Rick Warren presented President George W. Bush with the first “International Medal of PEACE” from the Global PEACE Coalition in recognition of his contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS and other diseases during the Saddleback Civil Forum on Global Health, held in Washington, D.C. on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1.   World Magazine reports:

Since its inception five years ago, The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has treated more than 2.1 million people living with the virus around the world, which exceeded the administration’s goal. Prior to the president’s HIV/AIDS program, only 50,000 people were receiving antiretroviral treatment for AIDS.

Foes and friends alike of President Bush showered praise on him for PEPFAR, which promotes antiretroviral treatments administered through local clinics and churches around the world, mainly in Africa. Former President Clinton sent his commendation in a letter, while others did so by video, including President-elect Barack Obama, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, and rock star Bono, an outspoken activist in the fight against AIDS. “You are a hero, sir,” the leader of the band U2 said in his message to the president.

But the president, in a sit-down conversation with Warren, deflected any credit for the program. “I don’t deserve an award,” he said. “The people who made this policy work deserve an award.”


  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    Something NICE was done for President Bush??? I am sooo glad. He has endured so much bashing and it is good to see him recognized for one of his greatest achievements.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Sharon – Then you will probably also like Steven Curtis Chapman’s new song written to President Bush. Link: Thank You Mr. President

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