Palin on Today Show

Gov. Sarah Palin talked with Matt Lauer yesterday at her home in Wasilla, AL. This is an interesting set of interviews in which Palin addresses matters concerning the campaign, her record and the various rumors spread by the press.

Today Show: “Never Any Tension” with McCain

Among the reports that Palin said were false were those involving her wardrobe, which was reported to cost the Republican campaign $150,000. She said no lawyers have been sent to retrieve the clothes, which she said she never asked for. A third of the garments were returned as not suitable to wear, she said; another third remained in the belly of her campaign plane, while the rest have been returned. Palin said she was happy to be wearing her own clothes again.

Today Show: At Home with the Family

Todd Palin told Lauer that the attacks on his wife during the campaign didn’t really filter through to them. “We were so busy with the campaign, there wasn’t much TV time,” he said, adding that the family wasn’t really fazed by it all anyway. “We’ve been in this long enough to understand it’s just part of the business,” he said. “It’s all a part of this beast called politics in America,” the governor added as she prepared food on her countertop.

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