Brit Hume – On Retirement, Family and Faith

From Reuters: “After 12 years at Fox News Channel and four decades in the news business, Washington managing editor Brit Hume will leave ‘Special Report’ and daily journalism for a quieter life, spending time with his grandchildren and following his Christian faith (the anchor still will contribute to the network as a political analyst).”

Hume made the following coments about his faith in Christ:

I certainly want to pursue my faith more ardently than I have done. I’m not claiming it’s impossible to do when you work in this business. I was kind of a nominal Christian for the longest time. When my son died (by suicide in 1998), I came to Christ in a way that was very meaningful to me. If a person is a Christian and tries to face up to the implications of what you say you believe, it’s a pretty big thing. If you do it part time, you’re not really living it.

And from a separate interview interview with The Insider:

The Insider: How do you envision life being different on a day-to-day basis? What will you do?

Mr. Hume: I thought about the three G’s: God, granddaughters, golf. That’s not comprehensive, because obviously I have a chance to spend more time with my dear wife, who worked with me here for so many years and was a vice president and bureau chief. She retired two years ago. … And since my son died, I have been, really, I felt rescued by God and by Christ. I have an intense desire to pursue that more ardently and have it be a bigger part of my life than it has been.

The Insider: How will that translate?

Mr. Hume: It’ll translate into Bible study. It’ll translate, I think, in the fullness of time, into work that I might be able to do, like to find the right cause, and so on. It’s a big world out there. A lot can be done.

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  1. Don Murrow says:

    Mr Hume,

    We will miss you on the Fox news. You seem to have a sense of fairness and comprehensive understanding of what we need to see in news. I never felt any political leanings as so many people seem to employ in your business today. You have a long career to be proud of You are going to be missed by many Americans. I wish you and your family well in retirement.


    Don Murrow

  2. As a faithful viewer of “Special Report,” I have come to view Brit Hume with admiration and affection. He’s well prepared and there is a certain dignity about his manner which separates him from other “presenters” of news. I heard about his great loss and my heart went out to Brit and his wife. People, especially conservatives, know he has been willing to “stand alone” in a culture which has lost it’s morings. I pray Brit Hume will see his greatest years are ahead of him. He can be a force for righteousness in our country.
    All the best Brit,
    Don Hawkinson

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