Pray for IJM Rescue Operation

International Justice Mission (IJM) has asked for prayer for a slave rescue operation tomorrow.

There will be a major slave rescue operation tomorrow at a rice mill in South Asia offices (precise location not being disclosed for security reasons).

It is night in South Asia right now. Our staff will begin the raid with the local police at 10am their time. They will not sleep until the operation is complete and the slaves are in safety and perpetrators arrrested. This could take one day or it could (more likely) take many.

Please pray that the work is swift, that all slaves are rescued, that the authorities are compliant, and that justice is delivered. Pray for healing for these victims of violent injustice, and pray for safety of our staff.

If you have ever read Gary Haugen’s book Terrify No More then you know just how daring and dangerous these rescue attempts can be. Please keep the IJM staff and this particular operation in prayer.

Update: Bethany Hoang reports from IJM: “For those of you who have been praying for the major rescue operations this week, I want to let you know that these operations were successful. I cannot give more detail due to security necessities, but if you have questions please contact me directly.”

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