Around the Web – 10/1/2008

  • Spliced. Splicd allows you to share just the portion you want from any YouTube video. Just enter the start and end points and voilá!
  • Bible to be Handwritten by 31,000. Zondervan’s next edition of the Bible will be handwritten by more than 31,000 Americans. (Hmmm, maybe they’ve been reading Ray Pritchard’s blog.)
  • Star Trek continuity errors galore! Peter Chattaway posts a number of YouTube mashups of Star Trek continuity errors. They are fun to browse, but I would never have time to watch them all.
  • Funerals for the Living. Al Mohler reports on “funerals for the living” in Thailand. People pay money for a two-minute funeral experience in a Buddhist temple where they are offered “an opportunity to die, rise up again newborn and make a fresh start in life.”

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