A History of Home Values

Here is an interesting graph from the New York Times showing the history of home values from 1890 to the present adjusted for inflation.

A History of Home Values | Chart | Graph | Robert J. Shiller | New York Times
    (Click on the image for a larger picture. Click a second time to zoom in.)

The Yale economist Robert J. Shiller created an index of American housing prices going back to 1890. It is based on sale prices of standard existing houses, not new construction, to track the value of housing as an investment over time. It presents housing values in consistent terms over 116 years, factoring out the effects of inflation.

Or, if you prefer, you can view the same chart plotted on a roller coaster graph below. (HT: Between Two Worlds)

(Video length: 3:41)


  1. Don says:

    It’s just what i was looking for…It’s so cool with the video, i love it.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Don – Yeah, my kids really liked the roller-coaster video, too.

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