Around the Web – 8/15/2008

  • Bedtime Prayers with Children. Trevin Wax shares some good thoughts on praying with your children.
  • Christian High School Courses Rejected. A federal judge’s ruling upheld the right of the University of California to reject certain high school courses offered at some Christian schools.
  • Solar System is Special. “The researchers ran more than a hundred simulations, and the results show that the average planetary system’s origin was full of violence and drama but that the formation of something like our solar system required conditions to be ‘just right.'”
  • Church Rejects Donation from Lottery Winner. A Florida man who won $6 million in the lottery tried to give a tithe to First Baptist Church of Orange Park, but First Baptist declined the gift of $600,000. That’s what I call sticking to your principles!
  • Beijing House Church Pastors Forced to Cease Activity for Olympics. House church pastors in Beijing were forced by officials to sign a document vowing to cease religious activities during the Olympic Games.

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