A Sociologist Reviews UnChristian

Brad Wright is associate professor at the University of Connecticut where he studies the sociology of Christianity. I enjoy reading Brad’s blog which offers up an interesting mixture of sociological analysis, Christian reflections, great photography and just plain fun.

Brad has written an excellent 13-part review of the recently published book, UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity… and Why It Matters, by David Kinnaman (president of the George Barna Institute) and Gabe Lyons (of the Fermi Project). The book is based on research from the Barna Group.

Here are the links to Brad’s series. Part five is especially good as Brad questions the lack of peer-review process in much research on Christianity and the church. Parts seven and eight are also very interesting as Brad compares the supposed “image problem” of Christianity with other groups, such as Atheists, Muslims, Hispanics and Jews. Finally, part thirteen raises the issue of the purpose of applied research on Christianity: Should research on Christianity be primarily useful or accurate? The whole series is excellent, and I encourage you to read through all the posts as time allows.

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  1. Joe Miller says:

    Hi, just saw your comment on Brad’s site. I was going to do the same as you. Would you be willing to send me the HTML code for the link to all 13 parts? It would save me some serious time.


    I am assuming you can get my email address from this post. If not, it is joe.miller [at] emerginglife.org

  2. Joe Miller says:

    Hey brother, I got my post up and gave you an honorable mention for the help



  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Joe – Hey, great post. I enjoyed your sense of humor throughout as well as thoughtful introduction to the subject. Thanks for the honorable mention. I feel honored!

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