How the Pastor Can Make Everyone Happy

Can the pastor of a church really make everyone happy? Greg Simmons says yes — just not all at the same time (from a comment at Church Relevance).

It is possible for pastors to make everyone happy. Some are happy when you come to the church, others are happy while you’re there, and the rest are happy when you leave.

Oh well, maybe two-thirds of the people at my church are happy then. Of course, the more important question is, “Should the pastor make everyone happy?” (What do you think?)


  1. Elbee says:

    NO! No! and finally No! No-one can MAKE….anyone happy. What is happiness anyway? God is my source.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Elbee – I agree, which is really the whole point of the post. Plus, I thought it was a fun quote as well.

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