Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 7/13/2008

Yesterday’s message was the last in the Life of Samuel series. The message was called Returning to God and was taken from 1 Samuel 7:2-17. The message was about steps to take in returning to God. Here is a brief outline:

Steps to returning to God:

I. Repentance (verses 2-4)
    A. Mourning for sin and seeking after the Lord
    B. Putting aside any rivals to God in your life
    C. Committing yourself to serving God only

II. Prayer (verses 5-11)
    A. Asking for prayer from other believers
    B. Freely confessing your sin against the Lord
    C. Trusting God to deliver you by his grace

III. Growth (verses 12-17)
    A. Marking your progress
    B. Seeing the changes
    C. Living it out in your daily routine

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