Bible Still Recognized as Top Holy Book

From the Christian Post:

A new Barna survey shows that more Americans accept the Bible as “holy” or “sacred” than they would other books. Respondents of the survey for The Barna Group identified around 12 books they thought fit the bill as “sacred literature” or “holy books.” The list included expected titles such as the Bible and the Koran and others such as Quiet Strength by football coach Tony Dungy. However, the Bible stood out by far from other texts with 84 percent of Americans deeming it a holy book.

Only three books were recognized as holy by at least 1 percent of Americans. The Koran trailed behind the Bible in second place with 4 percent; the Book of Mormon was labeled by 3 percent as sacred/holy; and the Torah was deemed holy by 2 percent of the public.

I was glad to see 84 percent of the respondents accepted the Bible as holy but puzzled why only 2 percent accepted the Torah. The Torah (also known as the Pentateuch) refers to the first five books in the Bible. So if the Bible is holy, by definition the Torah is too. Actually more people should embrace the Torah as a holy book than the Bible. Jews would not view the whole Bible as from God, but both Jews and Christians together would accept the first five books of the Bible as holy. I am guessing that many of the respondents did not know that the Torah is actually part of the Bible.

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