Around the Web – 6/27/2008

  • Ask Calvin’s Dad. Calvin’s Dad from Calvin and Hobbes explains how life works.
  • Christianity Today Interviews WALL•E Director. “Pixar’s Andrew Stanton first thought of WALL•E in 1994, and now it’s hitting theaters. We caught up with Stanton to discuss his faith, creativity, and that lonely little ‘bot.”
  • People God Killed. Adrian Warnock shares a C. J. Mahaney sermon that changed his life.
  • Credit-Card Reporting. This sounds like a bad idea. “Payment-card reporting would require banks and other providers of merchant account services to report credit- and debit-card payments to the IRS.”
  • Academia and Religion. “Academics have a highly negative view of Evangelical Christians and very little hostility to Jews.”

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