Bible Wordles

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Here are some more Bible Wordles for your viewing pleasure. (Click on a picture for a larger image.) First, here is the New Testament in a Wordle:
Wordle | New Testament (ESV)
                        Most prominent words in the New Testament:
                                        “Lord God Jesus Christ”

Here is a Wordle for the Psalms:
Wordle | Psalms (ESV)
                            Most prominent words in the Psalms:
                        “Lord God shall; steadfast love forever”

And here is a Wordle for the whole Bible:

Wordle | Whole Bible (ESV)
                                Most prominent words in the Bible:
                                            “Lord God said”

Greg Gilbert at Church Matters analyzed the Wordles for different books of the Bible and came up with the following prominent words. They make for pretty good summaries of each book I would say!

  • The Gospels = “Jesus said”
  • Romans = “God Christ law righteousness through faith”
  • 1 Corinthians = “God Christ body brothers”
  • Hebrews = “God made covenant through blood high priest”

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  1. Amy says:

    For the wordle, how did you get the smaller words in the bigger words?

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Amy, Just go to, enter some text, and it will do it automatically for you.

  3. taneasha says:

    I went to and I tried making a Wordle, and it didn’t really turn out right! do you have and sugestions?

  4. Sherilyn Rivera says:

    I really enjoy making scripture wordles too, but don’t know how to save the images. It seems like the only save option available is to their own page. The other is to just print it out. How were you able to transfer them to your site? And how can I save the image?
    Thanks so much for taking a moment to answer my question.

  5. Ray Fowler says:

    Sherilyn – To save the image you need to take a screenshot of the page, then crop out the section with the wordle.

    On my Windows computer I press the Print Screen button on my keyboard to take the screenshot.
    Then I open up Microsoft Paint from Accessories under Programs.
    I press Control-V to paste the screenshot into Microsoft Paint.
    Then I use the select button to select only the Wordle.
    Once it is selected I press Control-C to copy it to the clipboard.
    Then I open up a new window in Paint, press Control-V again to paste only the wordle into Microsoft Paint.
    Then I save it as a jpeg. Hope that helps!

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