Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 6/15/2008

Yesterday’s message in the Life of Samuel series was called Father’s Day Advice from Eli, taken from several passages in 1 Samuel. The message asked the question: “If Eli were here, what Fathers Day advice would he have for us today?” Here is a brief outline of the message.


1. Put God first in your life (1 Samuel 2:27-29)
    – Honor God above all things.
    – Deal with sin in your life.
    – Set the example for your children.

2. Discipline your children (1 Samuel 3:11-14)
    – Teach them God’s Word and God’s ways.
    – Encourage them when they do right.
    – Correct them when they do wrong.

3. Teach them about Jesus (1 Samuel 2:22-25)
    – Tell them what Jesus did for them at the cross.
    – Teach them about repentance and faith.
    – Teach them about confession and forgiveness.

4. The earlier you start, the better (1 Samuel 2:25)
    – Their hearts are more open when they are young.
    – You will save them a lot of trouble along the way.
    – Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Start today!

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