News and Notes – 5/29/2008


In a class by himself. Jeff Greenwood was the only student to graduate from Opheim High School this year. That’s because he was the only student in his senior class. His last remaining classmate moved away during his freshman year. “The student-to-teacher ratio is pretty good,” said Greenwood, who is the student body president and, of course, the senior class president.

Perfect attendance pays off. At least it did for high school graduate Andria Baker who never missed a day from kindergarten through high school. Her father promised her a car if she could keep it up all the way through graduation. On Sunday he presented her with the keys to a new, $17,000 Pontiac G6, complete with a “0 DAYS” personalized license plate.

Twice as smart. Twins Michelle and Erica Wheeler are graduating from high school as co-valedictorians — the only ones in their class with perfect grade point averages. Both took advance placement classes, including English, science and calculus, “the toughest courses we offer at the high school,” school counselor Norma Gonzalez said. Both plan to enroll at Washington State University, study pharmacy and live in the same dormitory.

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