Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 5/25/2008

Yesterday’s message in the Life of Samuel series was called A Study in Contrasts, taken from 1 Samuel 2:11-26. The main idea of the message was that God blesses the righteous and judges the wicked. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. Faithful vs. unfaithful service (11-17)
    A. Samuel ministers before the Lord (11)
    B. Eli’s sons show contempt for the Lord’s offering (12-17)

II. Purity vs. immorality (18-24)
    A. Samuel and his family demonstrate purity and righteousness (18-21)
    B. Eli’s sons practice sexual immorality (22-24)

III. Judgment vs. favor (25-26)
    A. Eli’s sons receive God’s judgment (25)
    B. Samuel receives God’s favor (26)

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