Why NDP Official Prayer Omits Jesus’ Name

Last year I noticed that the official prayer Chuck Swindoll composed as Honorary Chairperson for the National Day of Prayer left out Jesus’ name. I was surprised because the National Day of Prayer Task Force is specifically Christian in outlook. I called their office but no one was able to explain why the prayer was not offered in Jesus’ name.

This year Dr. Ravi Zacharias was Honorary Chairperson, and again the official prayer did not contain Jesus’ name. I was still curious but did not call as I hadn’t got an answer before. However, Paul Edwards had Ravi on his radio program yesterday and asked him about it. Here is what Ravi said:

When the National Day of Prayer was formed, Yvonette Bright struggled with bringing this in, and after President Reagan got it through — barely got it through in time, Evangelical leaders got together and realized that the ONE prayer that had limitations, just the one prayer of the Honorary Chairperson, would be limited because it goes into the Congressional Record; that no distinctive name could be used that would make it appear that Congress is supporting one religion over against the other, face a law suit and it would be finished.

Hurrah! After a year of waiting I finally have an answer. Now I wonder why no one could tell me that last year? 🙂

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