Quick Takes – 4/19/2008

Wishlist Butler lets you create a wishlist that can track items across different stores. “Set up a wedding gift registry, a baby shower or a birthday wishlist in less than a minute and share this list with all your colleagues, friends and relatives!” (HT: Presurfer)

Photographer Bill Walsh encourages us to accept truth wherever it appears. “Christians should avoid quickly judging cultural expression as sacred or secular, because God reveals himself in both, through his common grace.”

Albert Mohler writes on marriage and the glory of God. “Marriage is about our happiness, our holiness, and our wholeness–but it is supremely about the glory of God. When marriage is entered into rightly, when marriage vows are kept with purity, when all the goods of marriage are enjoyed in their proper place–God is glorified.”

Pulpit Magazine tackles the question of when to baptize your kids. “The temptation for many parents is to rush their child’s baptism. Our elders here at Grace Church believe it is better to wait, and be absolutely convinced of a child’s conversion, than to baptize the child prematurely — and thereby potentially give an unsaved child a false sense of assurance.”

Chuck Colson reports on the demise of marriage in Britain. “In 2006, there were approximately 237,000 weddings in Britain—the fewest since 1895, when Victoria was still queen and Britain’s population was about half of what it is today. In fact, ‘the proportion of men and women getting married is below any level found since figures were first kept nearly 150 years ago.'”

Ray Pritchard shares six simple words. “A friend e-mailed me with the news that his mother’s cancer surgery had been successful. He ended his message with this statement: ‘God is God, good, and great.’ As I pondered his words I was struck at once by their simplicity and profundity. How much truth those six little words contain. They summarize an entire Christian worldview.”

Mark Roberts discusses the element of surprise involved in discerning God’s will in our lives. “God has continually surprised me in my life, calling me to ministries that I never anticipated. I suppose one might say that I wouldn’t be so surprised if I did a better job discerning God’s will in the first place. I agree. But I think most of us, if we are open to the Lord, will find that he surprises us over and over again as he directs our lives and ministries.”

Bob Hyatt explains why taking notes during a message makes a difference even if you never look at them again. “When we take notes … something happens. As we’re writing, we create spatial relations between the various bits of information we are recording. Spatial tasks are handled by another part of the brain, and the act of linking the verbal information with the spatial relationship seems to filter out the less relevant or important information.” (quoting from a Lifehack article)

Biology professor Michael C. LaBarbera has a fascinating article on the biology of B-movie monsters (lots of science, mathematics and physics involved). “Indeed, sufficiently small animals cannot be hurt in a fall from any height: A monkey is too big, a squirrel is on the edge, but a mouse is completely safe. The mouse-sized people in Dr. Cyclops could have leapt off the tabletop with a cry of ‘Geronimo!’ secure in the knowledge that they were too small to be hurt.” (HT: Presurfer)

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