You Supply the Title (Guitar Player)

I saw this video clip over the weekend. You supply the title in the comments section. (There is no audio on the clip, but you should understand it just fine.)



  1. “Through the Wardrobe” is a bit too obvious, isn’t it?

    Jerry sings his latest ballad, “Backing into Narnia”

    Backward Masking Live Fails Initial Testing.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    What? Is Tim the only one who came up with some titles so far? Come on gang, get those creative juices flowing!

    Tim, I actually like “Through the Wardrobe,” although the Backward Masking is a close second. By the way, I am such a non-visual person that I didn’t even notice that this set was the wardrobe from Narnia until I read your comment.

  3. Rachael says:

    “Through the wardrobe” really good! I was thinking along that line when I saw it.
    Since this looks like the Narnia side of the wardrobe I’m going to say “The return to the real world”

    You have to like the guy who tries to carry on but just CAN’T! 🙂
    What was the guy singing anyway?

  4. Sharon Gamble says:

    How about… I AM FALLING FOR YOU?

  5. Ray Fowler says:

    Rachel – My non-visualness continues. I never stopped to think what side of the wardobe this stage represents.

    Sharon – My first thought for a title was “All Fall Down,” but it didn’t seem to fit (seeing only the guitarist actually falls down here). Yours works better.

    Thanks everyone for playing! Maybe we’ll try this again sometime.

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