Quick Takes – 4/5/2008

Hymnscript. Pretty hymn sheets available for free download and distribution. (HT: Semper Reformanda)

Diploma Guide presents a List of Online Archives for Free Unabridged Books Online. “Here’s where you can go to get free unabridged reference books, novels, audio books and other texts online.”

Matt Lewis explains what Humphrey Bogart, Captain Kirk and John McCain all have in common. “Humphrey Bogart never said, ‘play it again, Sam,’ Captain Kirk never uttered, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ — and John McCain never promised a hundred year war!”

Abraham Piper offers six reasons why pastors should blog. “In this article I want to convince as many pastors as possible to sit down and start a blog today. If I can’t convince them, then I want to convince churchgoers to hound their pastor until he does.”

Wendell Berry writes a letter encouraging young writers. “The first obligation of a writer is to tell the truth–or to come as near to telling it as is humanly possible. To do that, it is necessary to learn to write well. And to learn to write well, it is necessary to learn to read well.” (HT: Sand in the Gears)

Mark Mikasa lost his wife, Midi, and son, Nathan, in a car accident on January 1, 2008. Mark has been blogging openly and honestly about how he and his remaining son, Lucas, have been coping and adjusting since. You will find some helpful words on grief and loss from a Christian perspective as you read Mark’s posts. Please pray for Mark and Lucas as they walk this journey together.

Andrew Jackson writes on How to Engage in Politics without Losing Your Soul. “Over the years I have watched many Christians who became zealously active in partisan politics actually ‘lose their souls.’ That is, they lost their unique public witness as a Christian; they began to act contrary to the character of Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit; and they became agents of division within the church itself.”

Jim Martin asks some good questions about Staying Fully Alive Until You Die. “What message do we send others when we simply exist? How does this impact our children and others around us? What have you noticed in people who remain fully alive on this earth versus those who simply exist? What do you see in one that seems to be absent in the other? What should a person do intentionally to remain fully alive?”

Joe Carter sometimes wonders if he will end up being The Last Evangelical in America. “I think being an evangelical is the best way for me to be Christian; for better or worse, I’ll never abandon the tradition or the label. I’ll remain attached to the tradition that gave us Jonathan Edwards and Jim Bakker, William Wilberforce and the Wittenburg Door…and Francis Schaeffer.” Don’t worry, Joe, I will be right by your side.

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