Bart’s Problem

James Howell, senior minister at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte, responds to Bart Erhman’s new book, God’s Problem (subtitled: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question — Why We Suffer).

I was shocked by this book, but not because Ehrman rejects God. Ehrman is a very fine scholar, and a task incumbent upon a scholar is to engage the best scholarship written on a subject. Christians have known for 2,000 years that suffering happens, and theologians have grappled with many wise, meaningful approaches to how we believe in a good God in a world where bad things happen. Ehrman seems not to have made himself aware of any of them, or he ridiculously misrepresents various ways we understand the intersection of God and suffering. None of the great theologians who have deftly explored these matters is ever mentioned.

HT: Ben Witherington

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