Quick Takes – 3/8/2008

Mark D. Roberts shares some public prayer “bloopers” in his post: When Your Prayer Doesn’t Come Out Quite Right.

The Encyclopedia of Life. “The Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of websites that makes all key information about all life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.”

Jason Robertson shares the greatest question ever asked by the devil. “The great question of the Book of Job is not ‘Why do the righteous suffer?’ but ‘Why do people serve God?’ Would you serve God if there were no blessings attached? What if God were to show you no mercy? What if there were no heaven? What if there were no hell? Would you still serve God? Why or why not? The Devil asked a legitimate question.”

Tim Challies interviews Tampa Bay Rays shortstop, Ben Zobrist. “I do sense an increased responsibility as a Christian athlete in our culture, because our culture exalts performance so much. There are many kids and adults alike who dream of being in our shoes. I believe as a Christian athlete, we are called to use that highly respected platform to deflect any praise to Whom it really belongs and to help people see beyond the glory of a man-made game or ballpark.”

Tia lists 15 ways churches can serve third culture kids. “Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are children who grow up in a culture other than their parents’. Their ‘home’ culture is the first culture; their ‘host’ culture, the second. And they live in the middle, the ‘third’ culture. TCKs include children of missionaries or other international workers. They face unique struggles in their lives of transition. It’s our privilege as the body of Christ to provide care for them as they join with their parents in God’s call on their lives to be overseas.”

Gene Edward Veith discusses the neglected doctrine of vocation. “The doctrine of vocation is the theology of the Christian life. It solves the much-vexed problems of the relationship between faith and works, Christ and culture, how Christians are to live in the world. Less theoretically, vocation is the key to strong marriages and successful parenting. It contains the Christian perspective on politics and government. It shows the value, as well as the limits, of the secular world. And it shows Christians the meaning of their lives.” (HT: On Earth as it is in Heaven)

Jim Elliff encourages the church towards a more spontaneous and genuine evangelism. “Nothing is more discouraging than evangelism. The mere mention of the word strikes fear in most people. If it is my goal when speaking in a church to make all my listeners uncomfortable and convicted, all I have to do is say, ‘evangelize!,’ and the guilt quotient rises as fast as the heads drop. Beads of sweat appear on the pastor’s brow. It is the great undone command, and none of us like to be reminded of it. In my view, much of our fear comes because we’ve made evangelism too difficult and confusing.” (HT: ekklesia)

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