Looks Like Blu-Ray Has Won Out Over HD-DVD

For well over a year now two different formats have been competing for the high-definition DVD market. Sony has been pushing its Blu-Ray format in competition against the HD-DVD format. Remembering the old VHS vs. Betamax battles, wary consumers have been waiting to see which format will emerge as the standard. Sony lost the Beta battle back in the 1980’s, but with the help of their PlayStation 3, it looks like they may have won the battle for Blu-Ray.

Two news stories this week seem to point the way forward for Blu-Ray over HD-DVD.

First off, Warner Home Video anounced last Friday that they will begin to support the Blu-Ray Disc format exclusively starting in May. That leaves only Universal Home Video and Paramount Home Video in the HD-DVD only camp. Warner now joins Sony Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment, Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Lionsgate in the Blu-Ray camp.

Then, yesterday, New Line Home Entertainment and HBO Home Video also declared their support for Blu-Ray, dropping HD-DVD support for their titles. That, coupled with the Warner announcement, could mean the beginning of the end for HD-DVD.

I know there are some people who feel passionately about one format over the other. I am not one of them. I have just been curiously watching to see which side will eventually win out. The momentum definitely just turned in the favor of Blu-Ray this week.


  1. imperator says:

    VMD will overthrow blue ray. Warner owns part of the patents. They just eliminated the competition without even beginning to compete.
    If VMD is coupled with blue ray you get 1 terabyte on a cheap optical disc. The war has just started.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    imperator – Whoa, I didn’t even know about VMD. I will have to do some reading up. And if Warner is involved in VMD, that makes their decision to support Blue-Ray even more interesting. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Ha! This was beginning to sound a little familiar to me, so I checked, and sure enough, I actually blogged about this back in the fall. And then I guess I promptly forgot about it! Here is the link:

    News and Notes – 10/11/2007

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