News and Notes – 1/8/2008

Red Light SaberJedi apprentice. Don’t toy with this boy. An 11-year-old boy in Norwich, England defended his mother from an attacker using his toy lightsaber. The attacker fled after the boy hit him with the plastic weapon. Talk about using the Force!

Forget something? A masked burglar in Idaho left a video-taped message for the homeowner demanding a $3,000 ransom for the return of the stolen items. One problem. He forgot to say where to drop off the cash. “We’re not dealing with brain surgeons here,” police Lt. Joe Cawley said.

Fall down, get back up again. Well sure, but how about after falling over 500 feet to the ground? Window washer Alcides Moreno fell 47 stories, breaking his ribs and right arm, shattering both legs and injuring his spine. He underwent fourteen operations and was in a coma for weeks after the fall, but is now awake, talking and likely to walk again according to his doctors.

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