Snow – A Christmas Poem by Keith Patman

Here is a Christmas poem by Keith Patman from Jeff Johnson’s Centerpoint – Poetry & Music For Christmas CD. (“An album created to prepare oneself for the celebration of Christ’s birth over the entire Advent season. Centerpoint features Johnson’s music score of traditional and original Christmas melodies (which includes flutist, Brian Dunning) with poetry by Keith Patman read by Dallas McKennon. McKennon is famous for his character voice work with Walt Disney Productions.”)

“SNOW” – by Keith Patman (©1980)

Was it a cold awakening Christmas morning
In a wooden trough,
In spite of straw and swaddling clothes and angel songs?
That was not to be the last time you’d be laid upon the wood
(There were Herods, Judases from the start
Among the stars and shepherds).
And did they smile, those simple folk,
And kiss your tiny hands and weep delight?
They’d touch those hands again someday,
Believing you through cracks and scars.
Then oh! the million Christmas mornings
When you’d lie, a babe again,
Beneath a million million trees
And hear the countless tongues chanting your name.
And oh! the white snow on black shingles
Where icy crystals capture windows
And fires glow and mistletoe is wreathed and strung.
But ah . . . will they remember crimson
Dripping from the iron nails
And will they pray and will they know
A whiter white than

HT: Rusty Lopez at New Covenant

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  1. Such a long time since Arkenstone–even this poem is over thirty years old. Just happened on it after googling you. Still in NC? How are things after all these decades? I published a lot for a good while, though not so much recently. Congrats on this book. I’d send you a copy of my latest book (poetry) if I had your address.

    God bless,


  2. Just saw this (2020). Although ARKENSTONE ceased publication in 1981, we are all still alive and exercising our gifts in different ways. I’ve continued in publishing and music. Blessings.

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