Beatles and Beach Boys Bible Memory Pop

Scripture Memory - Pop Symphonies

If you enjoy Beatles music or the Beach Boys, you should give Rick Alitzer’s new Scripture Memory CD a listen. The CD is called “Scripture Memory – Pop Symphonies.” Rick writes:

Three years in the making, “Scripture Memory – Pop Symphonies” has been a labor of love for me. It was my desire to make a Scripture Memory record that you would actually enjoy listening to. I decided to do my best to make an excellent record in hopes that you would listen to it multiple times. After repeated listening, the scriptures would be forever lodged in your brain.

Strings, horns, pianos, walls of guitars, stacks of vocals. the kitchen sink approach (hey, it’s me), all to coerce you to listen, again and again. Think Beatles with Beach Boy harmonies and Queen/George Harrison guitar solos.

Rick is offering the CD at a great introductory price of only $10. You can listen to samples of the CD here and even download one of the full songs for free.

Here are some endorsements for the CD:

“This is the Sgt. Pepper’s of Scripture memory verse albums. Imagine Beatles and Beach Boys and Britpop styles, mega production, stacked vocals and a symphonic approach. Imagine pop melodies that stick in the brain and then marry that to words straight from Scripture. This is a great way of learning Bible verses while enjoying great music. ” Mike Rimmer – Cross Rhythms

“Rick Altizer creates a pop-rock masterpiece to memorize scriptures by!” Phantom Toolbooth – 5 Stars

“Rick Altizer has managed to make one of the best pop albums of the year. Imagine the Beatles using only scripture for lyrics and you’ve got a great idea of what Pop Symphonies is all about.” Dr. Tony Shore – Obvious Pop

“Pick of the Litter. Number 1 Pick.” Doug Van Pelt – HM Magazine

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