News and Notes – 11/14/2007

Robot Goat
Robotic goat. “Unlucky gamblers at the Edogawa Kyotei boat race course in Tokyo have a new way to ease their frustrations after botching a bet — they can feed their losing tickets to a robotic goat … The 1.6-meter tall Rocky Mountain goat, which has a thick coat of white fur and ticket-detecting sensors in its mouth, devours about 500 tickets per day — many of which would otherwise end up on the floor.” Sounds like a creative way to combat litter. I wonder how many people would be willing to feed the goat their hard-earned cash instead of their losing tickets? (same difference)

Flying cow. Imagine Charles and Linda Everson’s surprise when a cow landed on the hood of their minivan while driving down the highway. According to police, the 600-pound cow fell two hundred feet off a cliff before hitting the vehicle. The cars’ occupants were okay, the cow not so much.

Fat Santa. Santa has been told he must slim down, or face eviction from British shopping centers at Christmas. Bluewater Shopping Centre in Greenhithe, Kent, has even set-up a Santa boot camp to help with the weight loss program. Apparently some people think Santa’s round belly is setting a bad example for the kids after a medical report was released stating that by 2050 more than 50 percent of Brits will be obese.

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