Some Neat Spelling Mnemonics

Lifehack has a great article on how to improve your spelling skills. Check out some of the following neat spelling mnemonics (i.e. memory helps):

  • A piece of pie.
  • You hear with your ear.
  • There is a place just like here.
  • The inheritance is theirs because they are the heirs.
  • Pull apart to separate.
  • Definite has 2 i’s in it.
  • Because: Big elephants can always understand small elephants.
  • Cemetery has three e’s – “eee!” – like a scream.
  • In no century is murder an innocent crime.
  • Slaughter is laughter with an “s” at the beginning.
  • Br! It’s February in New England.
  • Stationery: Remember “e” for envelope or “er” for letter.

M&M’sAnd if you have trouble spelling “mnemonic,” just remember: There is an “m-n-em” at the beginning of mnemonic!


  1. Though not a hard one to remember, my second grade teacher taught me that we should go together to get her.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Thanks, Tim – good one! Anybody else got any others?

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