Guinness Beer Domino Commercial Video

I don’t usually post beer commercials on my blog (I’m more of a root beer man myself), but this one is pretty amazing. If you have ever enjoyed setting up dominoes and watching them fall, you have got to check out this ad for Guinness Dark Stout. No special effects were used in making the ad. There is even a nice hat tip to the old Mousetrap game at around the -0.47 second mark.

(Video length: 1:30)

Shot in an Argentinian mountainside village, it features a game of dominoes which escalates to include suitcases, tires, oil drums, fridges, wardrobes and cars … The advert took a week to film, with some of the sequences having to be reshot up to 15 times. Setting the dominoes on the table at the start of the advert took a team of three experts two days, but it took just 14 seconds to topple.

Paul Cornell, the marketing manager for Guinness, said: “The ad is fundamentally a celebration of community. It shows an entire village coming together to create an awe-inspiring spectacle of toppling objects.”

HT: Neatorama

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