Bible Curriculum for Public Schools (2)

I meet monthly with a group of local clergy for lunch, fellowship and planning. Over the past year we have been in conversation with the Superintendent of Schools about the possible addition of an elective class on the Bible to be taught at the high school level in our town. The superintendent has been very open to talking with us about this proposal and recently set up a meeting with the School Committee where we could present the course for consideration. A reporter from the local paper was invited, and you can read the summary of the meeting here.

The curriculum we are recommending is called The Bible and Its Influence, produced by the Bible Literacy Project. The course examines the Bible’s influence on literature and culture and is appropriate for use in public schools. I looked through the curriculum and was very impressed. It has received sterling endorsements from a wide variety of scholars and teachers. You can also preview the “inside of the book” at Amazon if you want to take a closer look for yourself.

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