The Inner Life of a Cell

Here is a fascinating video called The Inner Life of a Cell. (This is the shorter version with accompanying music. There is also a longer version available with narration.) I first saw this video about a year ago and was glad to find it on the Internet again.

(Video length: 3:10)

The animation was produced by BioVisions at Harvard University. BioVisions is based on a collaborative community of Harvard scientists, teaching faculty, students, and multimedia professionals. It is directed by Dr. Robert A. Lue, who founded BioVisions with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Harvard University.

The potential of multimedia in the area of biology education has yet to be fulfilled. Indeed, multimedia as a means of imparting biological information is years behind its use in other areas such as entertainment. BioVisions is meant to close this gap by combining the highest quality multimedia development with rigorous scientific models of how biological processes occur.

You can find more information about the project at Studio Daily.

HT: The Presurfer (which has the longer version with narration)

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