Quick Takes – 10/20/2007

Real-time salary calculator. Want to see how much money you make in real time? Just enter your payment amount whichever way you like: hourly, weekly, monthly or annually. Then the program calculates the money you make per day, per hour, per minute and per second. (HT: Presurfer)

Albert Mohler shares his most recent thinking on global warming. “Did human beings cause it? I’m going to be very honest with you, this is where I have had to change my thinking somewhat. This is where I have had to assume that it must be that humans have at least some contribution to this.”

Youth pastor Scott Greene reflects on his experience of going back to high school for two weeks at the age of 33. “After sitting on my experience for over a year and reflecting on this “Back to School” season, here are a few suggestions I would like to offer to parents if they want to have a better relationship with their kids.” (HT: MMI)

John Newton (1725-1807) shares his thoughts on public prayer over at the Resurgence. “The chief fault of some good prayers is, that they are too long; not that I think we should pray by the clock, and limit ourselves precisely to a certain number of minutes; but it is better of the two, that the hearers should wish the prayer had been longer, than spend half the time in wishing it was over.”

Tullian Tchividjian provides a brief list of five questions that can help you discern the reliability of a particular teacher or preacher. “Question 1: Does the preacher ground everything he says in the Bible? Does he, in other words, begin with the authority and sufficiency of Scripture? A reliable carrier of God’s truth … doesn’t simply use the Bible to support what he wants to say … He submits to what the Bible says.”

Alan Bevere expresses skepticism concerning the alleged miraculous appearance of the late Pope John Paul II in the flames of a memorial bonfire. “I believe in the miraculous, but I have always thought it odd that God would communicate with us in flame-like appearances, french toast, and tree bark.”

        Alleged appearance of Pope John Paul II in bonfire flame

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