A DeLorean Goes to Church

Talk about a sermon illustration – check out Pastor Lee Cummings’ amazing prop for his message series I Love the Eighties at Resurrection Life Church in Richland, Michigan.

(Video length: 0:44)

All I could think was, “Wow! And here I thought it was pretty cool this past summer when we added a graphic to the slides on my message series.”

So, what do you think of props in church? Helpful? Distracting? Gimmicky? Depends on the church’s culture?

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  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    Hmmmm….Our youth pastor, this summer, brought in a griddle and fried up two eggs and some bacon at the start of his sermon. That was different! However, he was talking about how some things just need to go together and don’t seem complete alone and then went on to talk about grace and obedience. I not only remember the breakfast food, I remember how grace and obedience are both important. We need to know we are saved because of Christ’s work on the cross. We also need to walk in obedience in gratitude. Anyway, I found it effective, but I think a steady diet of cars on stage and bacon and egg smells wafting through the sanctuary would wear on me! Most of the time, a simple sermon would be fine. Also, sometimes the props take so long that the sermon gets lost and all people remember is the prop. It’s not about entertaining. It’s about communicating. So, pastors need to be careful to communicate truth the best way they can and not to just want to get a big reaction…

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    I use props all the time in the children’s message, but not so much when I am preaching the main sermon. I think your distinction between communicating and entertaining is a good one – what will best communicate the truth without distracting from the truth. Thanks! (Now I just got to get me a DeLorean for the next children’s message.)

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