News and Notes – 10/3/2007

Seven summits. Eighteen-year-old Samantha Larson recently climbed Mount Everest making her the youngest person on record to climb all seven of the world’s highest points. Larson started her climbing career at age 12 with a 19,000-foot hike up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Sunny cycle. Canadian Entrepreneur, Peter Sandler, has developed the first all solar electric bicycle, driven completely from power derived from the sun’s rays. The E-V Sunny Bicycle has light absorbing solar panels built right into the wheels, creating continual power from the sun’s rays, and maintaining a constant charge to the batteries. The bike travels at speeds of up to 18 mph (30 kilometers per hour) and costs $1,295.

Stealing scripture. A 53-year-old homeless man in White Plains, New York was arrested for stealing a Bible from a Barnes & Noble bookstore. I would have been glad to give him one. Perhaps he should have read Exodus 20:15 before he left the store?

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