News and Notes – 9/18/2007

Gryphon personal strap-on jet wing

Holy batwing! “German researchers this week showed off their Gryphon personal strap-on jet wing that lets the pilot scream through the air at about 135 mph. The Gryphon features a six-foot wing and hand-held rotary controls for the rudder. The system includes onboard oxygen and a helmet that features a heads-up display.”

Identity crisis. A man in Florida who falsely claimed to be a Red Sox pitcher died August 27. For decades Bill Henry of Florida claimed to be former Red Sox pitcher, Bill Henry. Even his wife believed him. The truth did not come out until the paper ran his obituary and someone contacted the real Bill Henry, who was very much alive.

Desperate measures. A Denver man jumped out of a moving car in order to get out of an argument with his wife. Sounds like an updated version of Proverbs 21:9.

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