Sunday Morning Soundbytes – 8/5/2007

Yesterday’s message was called Praying for Your Life, taken from Psalm 27:1-14. The main idea of the message was that praying for your life in a crisis builds upon a life of daily, persevering prayer. I was really tired and hope I made sense! Here is the outline of the message:

1) Praying in times of crisis (verses 1-3)
    – Remember that the Lord is your strength (1)
    – Realize that your enemies will stumble and fall (2)
    – Know that God is bigger than any problem you face (3)

2) Praying for daily strength (verses 4-10)
    – Come to God with singleness of desire (4-6)
    – Apply your heart to seeking God’s face (7-10)

3) Persevering in prayer for a lifetime (verses 11-14)
    – Commit yourself to going God’s way (11-12)
    – Wait to see the goodness of the Lord (13-14)

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  1. eclexia says:

    Thank you for this sermon. This Psalm is one my children and I memorized, and it is very powerful, all the way through. I especially liked the thought of praying, “Teach me your way” instead of “Give me my way”. It seems to tie into the prayer of “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Part of that happening is our hearing the Lord as He teaches us His way. A wonderful memory from the awful time in our family’s life, which was the same time we were memoring this chapter, was my four year old son saying, very dramatically and with a lisp, “Even IF they attack me, I remain confidence!” (He and his little sister could never end the last word with a “t”) Outwardly, I may shake with fear and anxiousness, but inside, I do remain confident that I can trust the Lord, even IF I continue to be attacked, even IF all my worst even IF fears happen. The outward panic throws people a lot, because they can’t see the trust. But for me, the two are not mutually exclusive. The panic is the context where I’m saying, even IF and even though my heart quakes (like Habakkuk’s), yet will I cling, yet will I trust, yet will my confidence remain in YOU, God. Thanks for sharing your sermon online.

  2. Ray Fowler says:


    Thank you for sharing how the Lord has used this Psalm in your family’s life. I like the parallels you draw to the Lord’s Prayer and to Habakkuk. And I love the picture of your son saying, “Even IF they attack me, I remain confidence!”

    God bless,

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