The Pastor Who Tried to Resign

Crosswalk has a great story about a pastor who tried to resign, but the Lord had other plans.

Under the stress of the church situation — every church has its situation — the pastor felt he had taken all he could stand. So, he sat down and wrote a letter to every member of his congregation. He didn’t exactly resign, but came close to it. “Perhaps my work here is finished,” he confessed.

He printed out the letter and, against her better judgement, his wife helped him stuff the envelopes and apply the stamps. He dropped them off at the post office and drove home … and that was that. Or so he thought.

The next day, every single one of those letters was back in his mail box. The cost of postage had gone up that week and he had not put enough stamps on them.

The pastor stood there glaring at all those returned letters and recognized God had sent him a message. “It ain’t funny, Lord,” he called out, just before breaking into laughter.


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