Joe Carter is a Jerk

Don’t take my word for it – read Joe’s article yourself! 🙂 Here is an excerpt:

How can I be a Christian for over three decades (since the age of six) and still be such a jerk? The only response I can give is that if I wasn’t a Christian I’d be much, much worse. As Evelyn Waugh–another Christian who recognized he was a nasty chap–once said, “If not for my faith I would be barely human.”

While true, that answer seems a bit of a cop-out. I don’t like being a jerk and I don’t like making excuses for my nasty behavior. So I attempt to be nicer, more likable. I pretend to be genial and gregarious in the hope that I’ll eventually become less of a jerk.

But it doesn’t work. The more I pose and pretend that I’m something I’m not, the more I appear to be a hypocritical jerk.

The main problem is that I go about it all wrong. Instead of trying to be more likable I should focus on being more loving.

He follows with a great quote from C. S. Lewis on the difference between loving our neighbors and liking or affection.

I can relate to Joe’s post. Give me enough time and exposure, and I will be sure to let you down. Do you ever feel like you’re a jerk, that it is just a matter of time until people discover the real you? Thank God for his grace, and pray for other people’s!

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  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    Oh yes, there are times when I know I am a “jerk”! And yet what is a marvel about the Christian faith is, that as soon as I confess my latest sin, I am forgiven and not condemned. Also, if I am willing to be vulnerable and share from my weaknesses, others connect with me, because they see I am oh-so-fallible just like them. Ironically, when I “look” like I have it all together, I often create a distance between me and others, because I don’t seem “real”. So…how lovely that, as Christians, we can be honest about our weaknesses, confess them to Christ, and start over again – as many times a day as needed!

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