Can We Trust the Gospels?

Can We Trust the Gospels? by Mark Roberts Pastor Mark Roberts is posting a number of excerpts from his new book, Can We Trust the Gospels? Investigating the Reliability of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Roberts studied at Harvard University, receiving a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.A. in the Study of Religion, and a Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins. As a pastor and New Testament scholar, Roberts wears both hats well in providing this readable and well-reasoned defense of the reliability of the gospel documents.

Here are some of the questions Roberts addresses in his book:

  • Can we know what the original Gospel manuscripts really said?
  • Did the evangelists know Jesus personally?
  • When were the Gospels written?
  • What sources did the Gospel writers use?
  • Did early Christian oral tradition reliably pass down the truth about Jesus?
  • What are the New Testament Gospels?
  • What difference does it make that there are four Gospels?
  • Are there contradictions in the Gospels?
  • If the Gospels are theology, can they be history?
  • Do miracles undermine the reliability of the Gospels?
  • Do historical sources from the era of the Gospels support their reliability?
  • Does archeology support the reliability of the Gospels?
  • Did the political agenda of the early church influence the content of the Gospels?
  • Why do we have only four Gospels in the Bible?
  • Can we trust the Gospels after all?

When I was in college I read a similar book by F.F. Bruce called, The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? which greatly increased my understanding and strengthened my confidence in the New Testament texts. Bruce’s book became somewhat of a classic on the topic, and I expect Roberts’ book will help a whole new generation come to grips with the reliability of the Biblical gospels.


  1. Bethany says:

    Hey Ray, Thanks for the tip. Just ordered it from CBD (not Amazon, David…). Looking forward to reading it after I finish Augustine (might be a while). 🙂

  2. Ray Fowler says:


    Then that means you bought their last copy – I noticed they only had one left. It looks like they will be getting some more in stock come August.

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