Ordering off the Children’s Menu

World Magazine’s blog post, Do you have a children’s menu? prompted some lively discussion on the pros and cons of children’s menus. I liked the following two comments about chicken fingers.

Comment #2 – Chickens don’t have fingers. Be very suspicious.
Comment #6 (responding to comment #2) – “Chickens don’t have fingers.” Not any more.

Personally, my wife and I love the idea of a children’s menu. The price is right, and our boys always found something that they liked.

We used to eat at a Mexican restaurant that had a novel approach to their children’s menu. “Kids under twelve pay what they weigh,” read the sign out front. At a penny a pound, our boys ate for 40-50 cents each. Of course, “kids eat for free” is always the preferred alternative.

Now that the boys are older, bigger, and could eat the entire children’s menu all by themselves, we pay full price for the older two. But our youngest can still eat a children’s meal – at least for now!


  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    OK I have a question. Why can’t adults order off the children’s menu? What if I only want to eat a small portion? I end up having to doggie bag half of an adult meal or I end up eating it (sigh) just because it is there.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Because the only reason they have the children’s menu is to get the adults into the restaurant so that the adults can order off the adults’ menu. 🙂

  3. Rachael says:

    Wow that mexican place sounds cool! I know for our family sometimes the older kids/teens will buy an adult meal and share it with a sibling. It works well when you go somewhere with HUGE serveings!

  4. CMN says:

    Oh, I miss the days of the kid’s menu and having only five or six things to choose from… those adult ones still confuse me!! ( ;

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