Tag Team Preaching with Charles Spurgeon

Unashamed Workman has a great autobiographical story from Charles Spurgeon about “tag-team preaching” with his grandfather one Sunday morning in church:

As I neared the chapel, I perceived that someone was in the pulpit preaching, and who should the preacher be but my dear and venerable grandfather! He saw me as I came in at the front door, and made my way up the aisle, and at once he said, “Here comes my grandson! He may preach the gospel better than I can, but he cannot preach a better gospel; can you, Charles?”

As I pressed through the throng, I answered, “You can preach better than I can. Pray go on.” But he would not agree to that. I must take the sermon, and so I did, going on with the subject there and then, just where he left off.

The text for the sermon was Ephesians 2:8 – “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” Spurgeon and his grandfather passed the text back and forth several times that morning. As Spurgeon preached, he could hear his grandfather commenting in the background.

Now and then he would say, in a gentle tone, “Good! Good!” Once he said, “Tell them that again, Charles,” and of course I did tell them that again. It was a happy exercise to me to take my share in bearing witness to truths of such vital importance, which are so deeply impressed upon my heart. Whenever I read this text, I seem to hear that dear voice, which has been so long lost to earth, saying to me, “TELL THEM THAT AGAIN.”

Be sure to read the whole story over at Unashamed Workman. (Source: Charles Haddon Spurgeon Autobiography: The Early Years 1834-1860, Volume 1; pp. 363-364)

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