Lessons Learned from Ruth Graham

Stephen Griffith gives a personal glimpse into the life of Ruth Bell Graham.

One of the great pleasures of my life was knowing and working with Ruth Bell Graham for more than 20 years . . .

Over the years I served Ruth as book developer, editor, agent and occasionally as the collator of her notes into rough chapters. We spent many hours talking books, poetry, theology, as well as details of her life. She also always asked, and showed interest, in the mundane details of my life.

Besides my time with her, I’ve spent weeks and months combing through her writings and poetry, changing and rechanging her edits. She could never leave well-enough alone. One week she would add a comma to a poem only to take it off a week later. Without fail, just days after a book was published, I would receive a copy of the book from Ruth marked up with changes for the next printing . . .

I realized, in the two days between her death and her funeral, that I knew Ruth Bell Graham better than I knew anyone else in my life.

I’ve also learned more from her than anyone else . . .

Griffth goes on to share about Ruth’s humility, hospitality, sense of humor, compassion, love of reading, and loyalty in friendship. I encourage you to read the full article here.

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