Women’s Clothing That is Modest and Trendy

Who says modesty can’t be cute and trendy? That’s the question Christa Taylor asks at her website for women and girls that are looking for fashionable yet modest clothing.

Our Mission: At Christa Taylor we’re pioneering a modest clothing revolution. Our team is committed to designing trendy and modest clothes that match your unique style. We are fashions for the empowered traditionalist; offering chic, feminine, and modern modest clothing options that are carefully selected to bring you premium quality and a totally modish [chic+modest=modish] flair that allows you to keep up with all the latest trends. We love creating those modest skirts, trendy tops, modest dresses, modest swimwear, and accessories that you had previously only dreamed about.

Okay, I am way out of my area of expertise here. I am not even going to attempt to tell you whether this site has good clothing for women or not. I only know that as a pastor, whenever I speak about issues of modesty, mothers and teens always tell me that, yes, they would like to adhere to biblical principles of modesty, but it is just so hard to find nice clothing today that is also modest.

So, I am glad that someone out there is at least designing clothes with modesty in mind. I will have to let my female readers visit the site and evaluate the clothing for themselves. Let us know what you think in the comments section. (HT: Tim Challies)

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  1. CMN says:

    Hi Pastor Ray,

    Checked out the site. Not a very big selection, but nice! Sure, there’s some cute stuff – basically what you’d find in other places if you took the time to sort through all the junk for the modest stuff. It gives you some good ideas of what to look for.

    Personally, I think if people would really look, there’s enough modest stuff out there in regular stores. Especially with skirts/dresses coming back in style! And sometimes, all it takes is basic sewing skills and a little creativity for immodest stuff to become both cute and modest!

    Unfortunately, most girls/women just don’t see a problem with the stuff they wear, or don’t care. They’re not only endangering themselves, but also causing their brothers to stumble. And THAT’S serious business.

  2. Ray Fowler says:


    Thanks for reviewing the site for me and others. Thank you also for your good thoughts on clothing and modesty.

  3. Bethany says:

    As the Mom of a 17 year old daughter we face this subject a LOT. There are certainly modest clothes out there, but many of them don’t appeal to a teenager. We work hard to balance looking modest without looking “frumpy”. (Lots of modest clothes for women over 40!)

    Two companies that have worked for us are http://www.shadeclothing.com and http://www.diviinemodestee.com. The Shade clothes are mostly T-shirts. They have modest necklines and are long enough to cover the lowrise jeans and skirts. My daughter wears them under the modern “cute” T-shirts so she looks both modest and fashionable. They’re a little pricey but they have lots of sales!

    The Diviine Modestee company has Tees and bathing suits. In fact, we did a home bathing suit party where they send samples to your home for you and your friends to try on in privacy. Then you can order safely from their site, knowing something will fit! We invited friends from homeschool group and church, and had a fun night. (No, I’m not a rep for the company) 🙂

    Anyway, this is an ongoing process for us and we’d love to learn of any other companies people might know.

  4. CMN says:

    Thanks for the websites, Bethany. A nice compromise for your daughter. And yes, I know what you mean about most modest clothes looking like stuff for the 40 crowd… my Mom just laughs when I politely tell her something looks too “motherly”! ( :

  5. CMN says:

    Oh, I forgot to say… I’m a Sears, JC Penny, Land’s End shopper (when there’s sales!). I also frequent thrift stores around my area when I’m not in a rush to get a particular item.

  6. Bethany says:

    Hi CMN – I’ll try to remember those stores when we get to a mall. Alas for my poor daughter I hate shopping and malls in particular drive me crazy. She, on the other hand, could shop 24/7 I think. Anyway, at least if we brave a trip to the mall, we’ll have a better idea where to start.

  7. CMN says:

    Yes, we are fortunate to live right near a pretty large mall. I would much rather shop online, but then you’ve got to deal with stuff that doesn’t fit. ) :

    Hope you don’t have too hard a time!

  8. Ray Fowler says:

    Laura – Thanks for the extra links – God bless!

  9. Danielle says:

    Thanks for all the other great sites you suggested. I’m glad to see more modest websites out there.

    I like Sierra Brooke, they have a variety of modest clothes for women and girls. They have cute tops, skirts, and stylish dresses.

    There is even a section called Brooke’s Closet that sells modest gently used clothes all under 10 dollars!

    There is something for everyone at this site. I like there stuff! Check it out!


  10. Ray Fowler says:

    Danielle – Thanks for the link!

  11. Karen says:

    I have Many Modest dresses for sale, Let me know if you would like to see Pictures. I have Girls dresses as well. studyingtheword77@gmail.com

  12. Ray Fowler says:

    Karen – Thanks for letting us know.

  13. Molly says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog post in a search. I will tell you that her clothing designs are, or should i say were, amazing! That is how women of all ages who desire to be modest should dress! There is no reason to be frumpy like many do dress! I LOVE her designs, however she is no longer working a designer.

    If women work hard and shop for flattering clothes modesty with style can be accomplished. We represent Christ so we should look the absolute best we can!

  14. Ray Fowler says:

    Molly – Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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