Drawing Caspian – Storyboards from the Movie

        Prince Caspian - Storyboard Drawing

In the latest entry over at The Chronicles of Narnia Blog, storyboard artist Mike Vosburg gives you an inside look at the process behind creating storyboards for the upcoming Prince Caspian movie.

The storyboard artist takes the script … and starts to translate it into a series of pictures. A simple phrase (…the hero rushes in and saves the girl…) might turn into a sequence of several hundred frames, while a page long description of a characters internal distress might be capsulated in a single drawing if the expression is right. But in successful collaborations, the storyboard artist enables a viewer to “look” at the story rather than “read” it.

Not all movies use storyboards … But on Prince Caspian, like “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe,” we storyboarded the entire film so that it could be viewed on an animatic. Then Andrew is able to watch a test version of the film. He can suggest changes..so we draw new frames…he makes more changes…we draw more frames…he makes more changes…we draw more….well, you get the picture. His goal is to solve whatever problems there are in the story and visualization of it before any of the movie is shot …

The actual process of working is fairly simple. Watch any five year old lying on the floor with a box of crayons and a couple action figures and you get the idea of what happens.The only difference is that we’re working from a script.One of my mentors once told me, learning to draw is a prerequisite for this job, but the drawing should always be secondary to telling the story. I use of lot of reference to make sure things are accurate, but I also simplify everything in the pictures so that not only can they be drawn quickly, but that they read quickly.

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