A Modern Day Noah’s Ark in the Netherlands

Huibers' Ark 1 Dutch contractor Johan Huibers has built a massive replica of Noah’s Ark in the town of Schagen in the Netherlands. Huibers’ ark is 2/3 the length of a football field and as high as a 3-story house. That may seem huge, but Noah’s Ark as described in the Bible is actually 5 times larger!

Inside Huibers’ Ark are life-sized models of giraffes, elephants, lions, crocodiles, zebras, bison, and other animals. There is a petting zoo on the top deck and also a 50-seat theater where children can watch the Noah’s Ark segment from the Disney film Fantasia.

Huibers' Ark 2 Huiber hopes that his ark will help bring renewed interest in Christianity to the Netherlands, where churchgoing has been in decline for decades. “I would really like to inspire people to search for God and to begin to read the Bible,” he said. Huibers’ ark is fully functional, and he plans to sail the ark to major cities in Belgium and Germany in the near future.

Greenpeace ArkMeanwhile, Greenpeace activists are building an ark of their own on Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat is the location where the Bible records Noah’s Ark resting after the flood. The Greenpeace Ark is a much smaller model than Huibers’. (Huibers’ Ark measures 230ft x 45ft x 30 ft; the Greenpeace Ark will measure 32ft x 13ft x 13ft.) The Greenpeace Ark will be unveiled to the public on Thursday, May 31 as part of a demonstration against global warming.

So that makes for a grand total of three arks now – Noah’s, Hubiers’ and Greenpeace’s – unless it’s true about Noah building two arks. Oh, you didn’t hear about that? Rumor has it that Noah actually built two arks, but he built the first one in the basement and couldn’t get it out. 🙂

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