Prince Caspian – A Look at the Creatures of Narnia

Howard Berger, makeup effects and creature designer for the first Narnia film, as well as for the upcoming Prince Caspian movie, discusses the creatures of Narnia in the April 17 posting over at the Narnia blog

The story of Prince Caspian takes place 1500 Narnia years after the events of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  So, it was important to reflect these changes for the new movie.

We wanted to take another pass at what the Narnians would be like if they had become more wild in their appearance, seeing how they have been living in hiding within the forests all these centuries. What if they were all different age groups, sizes and races? We felt that the Narnians in the first film were all in their thirties.

What types of creatures can we expect to see in Prince Caspian?

In PRINCE CASPIAN, we have heavy set fauns, old age fauns, female dwarves, centaurs and their families. The minotaurs are now on the side of good. A new hag, a werewolf and the satyrs are back, but all newly redesigned to be more animal-like than the prior movie.

And of course the world of Prince Caspian would not be complete without a great Trumpkin the Dwarf.

I think in every film there is one character you fall in love with. The first movie had Mr. Tumnus, played by the great James McAvoy. This time it is Peter Dinklage who plays Trumpkin the Dwarf. The character is so wonderfully written, and once you see Peter as Trumpkin, he becomes alive and real. We gave Trumpkin his look, but Peter gave him his heart, and the collaboration brings to life a new and interesting addition to this rich world.

If you have not yet read the book Prince Caspian, don’t wait for the movie. The Narnia books are simply some of the best books ever written for children and adults. Go out and buy the whole set or check them out at the library. You will not be disappointed.

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